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Why Local Produce Is Better for You

Why local produce is better for you


It contains more nutrients

Local Produce contains more nutrients. As it ripens naturally, the nutrients can fully develop within the food.

Furthermore, less preservatives are used as the produce is ripe when harvested and intended for faster human consumption. Food which needs to travel long distances needs to be harvested much earlier and, is usually treated with several preservatives so it will remain fresh until it arrives to our shops.

It is fresher and seasonal

It goes without saying that local produce is fresher, as it has less travel time before getting from the farm to our plates. We can ensure we always have fresh foods by eating our local produce when it is in season.

It reduces our CO2 footprint

We can also lessen our CO2 footprint due to the significant reduction in travel involved with the purchase and consumption of local foods. Less air, freight and truck transportation of food over long distances all help our environment by reducing the amount of emissions into our atmosphere.

It supports the local economy

Buying locally boosts the local economy, keeping your money in your community. It ensures locals are kept in jobs; from the farmers who grow the produce to the local shops who sell it on.


At Roganstown, we source our ingredients locally and pride ourselves on fresh, seasonal foods and dishes. We have an extensive bar and restaurant menu. We also cater for groups and special occasions. Give us a call on 01 8433118 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements or make a booking.



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